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James Martin Reserved


Emma, our founder, describes James as "a good, solid Yorkshire lad!" (We think she might be a bit biased, being from Yorkshire herself!)

James is the quieter, more sensitive soul of his litter; however, he's still a fun-filled, energetic, and happy little pup! He adores people and other dogs. In fact, we think James would like to have a confident and friendly fur sibling in his future home.

When visiting Dryanovo, James coped well with the hustle and bustle of town life. His training is progressing nicely; he knows how to walk on-lead and sit for treats. As James is a scent hound mix, he requires ongoing training when it comes to off-lead recall. All of our puppies require responsible adopters who are committed to the future training and socialisation of their dog.

Please note: Nigella's puppies have been given similar adoption information at this time. We will amend their bios as the puppies continue to grow and their personalities develop.

James' Story

James' mother, Nigella, was abandoned whilst pregnant. She gave birth to her puppies underneath a bush. Thankfully, local residents made us aware of the plight of this small family and we brought them into our care.

General Information

James' estimated date of birth is March 1st 2024. As an adult, he will likely be medium in size. James could live with another friendly and confident dog and / or dog-savvy cats. He hasn't spent time with children; applicants with children will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. James would be best suited to living in a rural or semi-rural home environment.