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Nigella Reserved


Nigella is our resident Super Mum! She is a sweet and calm girl who is gentle with dogs, puppies, and humans alike. Nigella is also incredibly kind-natured. In fact, she's so kind that, despite caring for eight puppies of her own, she adopted a ninth puppy (Peaches) who was found abandoned and alone. She truly is the epitome of motherly love!

Nigella is currently living with a foster carer in Bulgaria and very much enjoying the comforts of home life!

Nigella is a Barak hunting hound and, due to this, she has a strong prey drive. Her future adopters must understand that Nigella will always need to be on-lead during walks unless she is within a fully enclosed area (e.g., a secure dog field). Thankfully, Nigella LOVES her lead walks, so this doesn't bother her at all! She walks beautifully on-lead (and she's crate trained, too!)

Nigella will bark if she sees a cat whilst out on a walk; however, our team our currently working on this behaviour in training sessions.

Nigella's Story

Nigella was abandoned whilst pregnant. She gave birth to eight puppies underneath a bush. Thankfully, local residents made us aware of the plight of this small family, so we brought them into our care.

General Information

Nigella's estimated date of birth is April 8th 2021. She is medium in size. Nigella could live with another friendly resident dog and / or children but cannot live with cats. She could live in any home environment, from rural to urban.