Percy is a very gentle and sensitive soul who will be a loving and loyal companion. He’s currently in foster care and has bonded quickly with his foster family; however, he can be anxious around new people, especially men. Percy is used to everyday household noises but can be spooked by sudden movements. Both of these issues can be overcome with time, training, and patience.

Percy is well behaved and clean within the home. He is perfect on the lead and loves his walks! His playful side is coming out more and more each day, and he likes to play with his furry foster sister, Jana. He also loves to play with toys. Percy knows his name and runs up to you straight away when called. He is also great with the foster family’s cat and has been very gentle with her. He doesn’t chase and even shares his food with the cat!

Percy is nine months old. He is medium in size (comparable to a small Labrador). He could live with a friendly and confident resident dog and dog-savvy cats. Percy has not spent time with children; therefore, homes with children will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Percy would be best suited to a rural or semi-rural home.