Shep was adopted in January 2022 but, sadly, he is now looking for a new home due to a change in his adopter’s circumstances.

Shep is a playful and calm dog with oodles of personality! He loves sunbathing, toys, balls, sticks, and chasing bubbles! He’s also an intelligent boy and a quick learner who already knows the following commands - sit, down, paw, touch, spin, settle, stay, leave, here, and drop. He is highly motivated by food, which will help with his ongoing training.

Shep loves the company of other dogs and regularly attends doggy day-care, where he has a whale of a time with his canine companions! As such, Shep would definitely benefit from living with a confident and friendly resident dog. Shep is affectionate and loving towards the humans that he knows but can be nervous of strangers and passers-by.

Shep is house trained, crate trained, lead trained, and non-destructive within the home (aside from his toys!) He also sleeps soundly throughout the night, either inside or outside of a crate. He is happy to be left alone within the home and hasn’t shown any signs of separation anxiety.

Shep is large in size and around ten months old (estimated birthdate August 17th 2021). He is strong and will need an owner who is confident with handling him. Shep cannot live with children or cats but could live with another dog. He is fully vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, and has an EU passport.

As Shep is already in the UK, he is subject to a reduced adoption fee of £250.