Bambi and her siblings were born to a feral mother. After being caught and brought to the safety of our shelter, she was frightened and shied away from people. However, our staff have done a great deal of work with Bambi to improve her confidence, and she now understands that humans can be trusted.

Bambi is a sweet-natured, loving, and gentle puppy. She can be a little nervous around new people but, as soon as she knows that she can trust you, she’ll happily approach you for a good fuss! Bambi really enjoys our daily pack walks, can already walk on-lead, and knows how to sit for treats.

Bambi is around ten months old and medium sized. She needs to live with a confident and friendly resident dog. Bambi has not spent time with cats or children; therefore, homes with cats and / or children will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Bambi would be best-suited to living in a rural or semi-rural environment.