Sahara was abandoned with her brother, Cairo, in the village of Tsareva Livada. She was rescued by a kind Bulgarian who kept Sahara (and her brother) chained within a yard until we had space available at our shelter.

When Sahara arrived at the shelter with her brother, she had completely shut down and would constantly tremble. However, after spending time with our staff and realising that she can trust humans, she transformed into a happy and playful little girl! When Sahara knows that she can trust you, she’ll greet you with a full-body wiggle and her trademark Sahara smile! She’s a friendly, gentle, and sweet little pup who will make the most loyal and loving companion.

Sahara is around ten months old and small in size. She already knows how to sit for treats and walk on-lead. Sahara needs to live with a confident and friendly older resident dog. She could also live with dog-savvy cats and sensible older children. She would be best suited to living in a rural or semi-rural environment.