Jessie Reserved


Jessie was taken in by another rescue centre but, due to staff illness, we were asked to step in and help her.

Jessie is a sweet, cuddly, and intelligent girl who knows her own mind! She'll need an experienced adopter who will be committed to her ongoing training and provide her with plenty of puzzle games to occupy her busy brain. Jessie would be well-suited to an active and energetic owner who will take her on lots of exciting adventures. She has shown signs that she could develop reactivity in the future; therefore, Jessie will need a confident owner who will be committed to working through this issue, should it arise.

Jessie's estimated date of birth is March 17th 2022. She will be medium to large in size as an adult. Jessie could live with another friendly and confident resident dog. She would only be suited to live with cats who are dog-savvy and very confident. As Jessie hasn't spent time with children, homes with children will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Jessie could live in any environment, from rural to urban.