Dottie was found all alone and wandering at a bus station by a local couple. Despite her sad start in life, she is a confident and sassy little lady who knows her own mind! She loves to spend time with people and gets along with every dog she meets, regardless of shape or size. Dottie has shown signs that she could develop reactivity in the future; therefore, she will need a confident owner who will be committed to working through this issue, should it arise.

Dottie's estimated date of birth is April 1st 2022. She will be medium to large in size when full-grown. Dottie could live with another confident and friendly dog. She could also live with dog-savvy teenage children. Dottie has not spent time with cats; therefore, applicants with cats will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. As Dottie is a confident girl, she could live in any environment, from rural to urban.