Flossie was taken in by another rescue centre but, due to staff illness, we were asked to step in and help her.

Flossie is a gentle, sweet, and energetic girl who enjoys pack walks and playing the day away! She absolutely LOVES other dogs and is more confident around her fellow canines than humans at present. Flossie can be a little head shy and apprehensive of approaching new people; however, once she gets to know you, she really enjoys a good cuddle session. She already knows how to sit for treats and walks beautifully on the lead. Flossie is very food-motivated, which will help with her future training. She will need a patient owner who can continue working on building her confidence.

Flossie's estimated date of birth is March 17th 2022. She will be medium to large in size as an adult. Flossie could live with another friendly and confident resident dog. As she hasn't spent time with children or cats, homes with children / cats will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Flossie would be best suited to living in a rural or semi-rural environment.