Caramel *Experienced adopter required*


Caramel was born on the streets and brought to our shelter when she was only three months old. Upon arrival at Street Hearts BG, she was frightened, shut down, and shied away from people. Her rehabilitation has been a slow and lengthy process; however, we feel that she's now ready to find a loving furever home with a confident, patient, and experienced adopter.

Caramel is a polite and well-mannered pup! She's social and playful with other dogs, happily approaches volunteers for treats and a fuss, and walks nicely on-lead. She settles well within a crate and is house trained, too! Caramel's also extremely food motivated, which will help with her future training. She does enjoy a good chew when given the chance, so shoes and socks need to be kept out of her reach!

Caramel's estimated date of birth is August 2nd 2021. She is medium in size. Caramel needs to live with another friendly and confident resident dog. She cannot live with children or cats. Caramel would be best suited to living in a rural or semi-rural home environment.

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