Luke was found wandering in the village of Sokolovo. He was in an emaciated state with open wounds on his body and a badly fractured leg. The leg was operated on but, sadly, Luke's surgery was unsuccessful. His leg tendons were damaged beyond repair, he was in pain, and was struggling to walk. A specialist vet advised that, in order for Luke to live the happy and fulfilled life that he deserves, the damaged leg needed to amputated.

Having three legs doesn't hold Luke back in the slightest! He walks perfectly normally and comfortably; in fact, he walks better with three legs than he did with four! The team are currently working on helping Luke to build his strength in preparation for his furever home.

Luke is a sweet, cuddly, and well-rounded puppy who loves to give our team lots of kisses! He very much enjoys a stuffed Kong and thinks that toys are the best thing ever! Luke is crate trained and sleeps peacefully throughout the night. He is also house trained and lets our team know when he needs to go outside in order to relieve himself. Luke walks nicely on-lead, too. In general, he's an amazing little guy!

Luke has occasionally guarded his crate area from other dogs (never humans). If Luke is adopted into a home with another resident dog, his new owner will need to manage this behaviour.

Luke's estimated date of birth is March 1st 2022. He will be medium to large in size as an adult. Luke could live with sensible children and / or another friendly, confident resident dog. He cannot live cats. Luke would be best suited to living in a rural, semi-rural, or semi-urban home environment.

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