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Astro's had a great start in life thanks to his affectionate and friendly mum, Star. He loves people, cuddles, and playing with his siblings. Astro's also a smart little guy who’s picked up lead walking very quickly! As with all of our puppies, he will need a responsible adopter who is committed to his ongoing training and socialisation.

Astro only has half a tail. He was born like this and it doesn't affect him in any way! 

Please note: Astro and his siblings have been given basic adoption bios at this time due to the fact that they are very young and their personalities are still developing. We will amend their information accordingly as the puppies continue to grow and change.

Astro's Backstory

Astro was brought to the shelter when he was around one week old, along with his siblings, Pluto, Magic, and Cosmo, and his mother, Star. Sadly, Star's owner moved away and left her behind. She soon fell pregnant and gave birth in a neighbour's garage. Thankfully, we were alerted to her presence and brought the little family to the safety of Street Hearts BG.  

General Information

Astro's estimated date of birth is October 8th 2022. He will be medium in size as an adult. Astro could live with sensible children and / or another friendly resident dog. He has not spent time with cats. Astro would be best suited to living in a rural, semi-rural, or semi-urban home environment.

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