Marmaduke Reserved


Marmaduke is an easy-going lad who'd be a great choice for a first-time adopter! He's loving, calm, friendly, confident, and very gentle. He's also wonderful with all of the other dogs at the shelter, both male and female. Marmaduke's clearly a previously-owned dog, as he already knows how to walk perfectly on-lead. He’s a lovely boy who'll make a great family pet!

Marmaduke's Backstory

Marmaduke was abandoned in a local village a few months ago. At the time, our shelter was full and we weren't able to bring him to safety. Thankfully, kind local people kept him well-fed until there was space available at Street Hearts BG.

General Information

Marmaduke's estimated date of birth is October 25th 2021. He is Labrador-sized. Marmaduke could live with sensible older children and / or another friendly resident dog. He has not spent time with cats. As Marmaduke is a confident boy, he could live in any home environment, from rural to urban.

Just Giving

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