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Seth Reserved


Happy, friendly, and funny - that's how we'd describe Seth!

Since a very early age, Seth has spent time with people and children of all ages. He absolutely loves people and having lots of cuddles! He's simply a lovely, friendly, and happy puppy! Seth's also a confident boy who isn't fazed by people or traffic. He has been into Dryanovo town several times with no issues.

Seth walks nicely on the lead, sits for treats, and is a very clever boy! He is very greedy, which makes training super easy for him!

Seth's Story

Seth was born to Sara, a previously-owned dog who was abandoned, fell pregnant, and gave birth on the streets. He is mixed breed. Sara and her remaining two pups are in the shelter. Her other pups now live in the UK and are doing very well.   

General Information

Seth's estimated date of birth is February 1st 2023. He will likely be large Labrador-sized as an adult. Seth could live with another friendly resident dog and sensible children. He has not spent time around cats; cat testing can be done upon request. Seth would be best suited to living in a rural, semi-rural, or semi-urban home environment.