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Ginger Reserved


Ginger is a well-rounded, happy-go-lucky puppy! She is confident around other dogs and loves playing with her siblings. She also very much enjoys a belly rub and will happily climb onto your knee for a cuddle!

Ginger recently visited our local town and was unbothered by the hustle and bustle around her. In fact, she seemed to enjoy exploring the new environment. Ginger has begun her lead training and is progressing well.

Please note: Ginger is a young puppy and her character / personality is still developing. We will update her adoption bio further as she continues to grow and change.

Ginger's Story

Sadly, Ginger's mother was killed in a Dryanovo village. Thankfully, she (and her siblings) were rescued by Alexander, a kind local man. Alexander cared for the puppies and ensured that they were vaccinated before we were able to take them into our care.

General Information

Ginger's estimated date of birth is April 2nd 2023. As an adult, she will likely be large in size. Ginger could live with another friendly and confident dog. She has not spent time with children; applicants with children will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. She also hasn't spent time with cats; cat-testing can be done upon request. Ginger would be best suited to living in a rural, semi-rural, or semi-urban home environment.