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Moose Reserved


Moose might be small, but he has a big personality! He's a fun, lovely, and happy lil' chap who is friendly with humans and dogs alike! Moose walks beautifully on the lead, is already housetrained, and travels well in the car.

Moose needs to live in a calm environment with minimal visitors as he can be reactive towards strangers entering his home. It takes a few minutes for him to warm to new people. This behaviour can be managed, and the Street Hearts BG team will offer advice to his adopters regarding this.

Moose's Story

Moose was abandoned by his previous owner, but thanks to a kind-hearted local lady, he found refuge and love during tough times. Sadly, the sweet lady couldn't keep him due to her age and mobility issues, so we stepped in to help.

General Information

Moose's estimated date of birth is February 20th 2020. He is small in size. Moose could live with another friendly and confident dog, but can't live with children or cats. He can live in any home environment, from rural to urban.