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Bella Reserved


Emma, our founder, describes Bella as "a lovely and sweet little girl!".

Bella is a gentle and cuddly young dog with a slightly timid side; however, once she knows and trusts you, she is incredibly loyal and loving. Bella gets along beautifully with other dogs and would benefit from having a confident fur-sibling in her furever home. She walks nicely on-lead and already knows how to sit for treats.

Bella would benefit from ongoing training to make her feel more secure in the outside world.

Bella's Story

During recent outreach work, a local woman made us aware of her two dogs, Bella and Gigi, who she no longer wanted. To our horror, the dogs were chained up, without food or water, in 35-degree heat. Both dogs were covered head to toe in parasites and absolutely desperate for attention and affection, something they had clearly gone a long time without. Thankfully, both Bella and Gigi are now safe, healthy, and happy at our shelter.

General Information

Bella's estimated date of birth is August 3rd 2022. She is a small Pinscher cross who will likely weigh a maximum of 10kg when fully grown. Bella would benefit greatly from living with another friendly and confident resident dog. She could also live with older children and confident, dog-savvy cats. Bella would be best-suited to a rural or semi-rural home environment.