How can you help?

Dog and Puppy Food

We will always accept food for the doggies and you can buy sacks from Dimitar, our wonderful vet in Dryanovo. We visit him three times a week and can't tell you how happy we are when he presents us with dog food that's already been paid for! 

You can find him at:

Kapitan, Raicho No.16, Dryanovo 5370

It's just behind the Court and Municipality.  

Visiting Us 

We welcome visitors every other weekend (although this varies depending on other factors) please get in touch via StreetHeartsBG on facebook to confirm the date of our next open day. Feel free to bring food/blankets/beds or any other dog-themed paraphernalia you need getting rid of!

Volunteer With Us

We are currently working on renovating one of our barns so that confident, proactive and dog loving volunteers can come and stay and help us look after the dogs.

Jobs, activities and tasks will vary depending on what is required but expect things like

  • Mucking out
  • Puppy Socialising
  • Lead training dogs
  • Sitting with feral dogs and gaining their trust
  • Walking (lots and lots of) dogs
  • Helping to catch street dogs
  • Taking dogs to be neutered
  • Getting pretty mucky
  • Falling in love with some dogs
  • Taking several home with you (please and thank you)
We'll let you know when we're ready to have your helping hands.
Watch This Space!

Foster For Us

Occasionally we take in dogs that don't cope well with the sheer number of other dogs here with us. Others are young or unsocialised and need a little bit of extra care and attention that we haven't got the time or resources to give. 

If you're near us in Bulgaria and have room for a dog, even if only for a few months, please consider fostering for us - we will continue to seek adopters for them while they are with you and a foster home dramatically increases a dog's suitability for and chances of being re-homed.

We will always endeavour to match our foster dogs with what you can offer so please get in touch if you would like to be on our fostering team.

Spread the Word

Please share our Twitter feeds, Facebook posts and fundraising campaigns - the more people hear about us the more homes we can find for our dogs and the more we can do for the ones that are still out on the street. 

We'd really love to make connections to dog rescues in other countries in Europe so we can alleviate the pressure on our UK shelter and find loving homes for our Bulgarian beauties. We work hard to rehabilitate our feral dogs and only send ones that are ready to be rehomed so if you know any shelters that would accept some of our little orphans, please get in touch!