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Businesses large or small, are by their very nature, a part of the fabric of any community. They employ people, positively contribute to the local economy, and encourage investment in the area. But we believe there is more that businesses can do if they adopt a culture of social responsibility from top to bottom. They are places where friendships can be made and relationships blossom. They can provide opportunity, encourage ambition, and, when partnered with the right like-minded people, become a force for good so much greater than the sum of their parts.

Classic Car Holidays is in many ways the home of the underdog. Championing the forgotten and ignored, plunky and feisty Trabant, and encouraging tourism to the heart of the beautiful Balkans Isn’t always easy. It can sometimes be a battle against preconceived notions, breaking peoples habits, and education around the benefits and joys of stewardship. And all of this in a self-imposed environment of excellence. We believe Classic Car Holidays and Street Hearts Bg have a lot in common, and we are very proud to offer our active support to Street Hearts Bg.

Neil Penn, CEO, Classic Car Holidays

Classic Car Holidays shares the very best of the Balkans from the driving seat of an iconic Trabant. Relaxed touring along stunning country roads, our 1 day or 1 week tours, take you from one fabulous Bulgarian, Romanian, or Macedonian destination to another. Regular pauses along the way allow time to soak up amazing vistas, architecture, UNESCO heritage sites, and lazy lunches. Staying in the best hotels, our overnight stops are selected to offer a wide choice of food and drink, vibrant evening culture, and local colour.

Travel at your own pace, even on your own route if you so choose, and have your own Balkan adventure. We will be close at hand, to guide you throughout your stay, but all you really have to do is slow down, wind down the window, and soak up the magic of the Balkans.

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