Rufus Sponsored


Rufus came to us from a dog shelter nearly a year ago, he was brought by a local dog shelter to Street Hearts BG and handled in the most appalling way.  Due to this he was extremely scared and we could not touch him for a few months.  He has come on loads with time, love and patience but he is still very timid and not great with strangers. Rufus is the most gentle, kind dog who we do believe in time will be rehomed but we are a long way off from this.  If anything spooks him he reverts back to being very timid hence why he is looking for a sponsor.


Update on Rufus August 2018 - Rufus has consistantly been much more trusting and approachable lately.  He comes for cuddles at home and also on walks, we are really pleased with his progress and hope that he can look for his happy ending soon.