Scrappy Sponsored


Scrappy is about a year old and was abandoned in Dryanovo. We think he may have been beaten at some point in his life as he is very head shy.  

When Scrappy arrived, he was petrified and would sit in a corner, shaking. He'd often scream if we went to sit with him, so it has been difficult trying to desensitise him.

It's taking time and it will be a long road ahead for him, but he is making progress every day. He loves cuddles now and is happy to see us. He's even started joining the pack walks and loves to explore and play freely.

He's showing signs of separation anxiety, which we are trying to help him overcome.

Scrappy will be here for a while and will need a lot of 1-1 attention. It's too early to know if he could ever be rehomed or whether he'll live out his days with us.