Trinny Sponsored


Trinny is a delightful girl who is about two years old. She is very friendly, in fact she used to take herself to a restaurant for food and everyone loved her! We took her to be neutered and the restaurant wanted us to find her a home so this is why she is with us. Super friendly dogs like this can be seen as a nuisance and get themselves into trouble here, some people don’t appreciate them. Trinny is a very clever dog and would be great at agility, she loves adventure and as you can see from the video she is a climber! Trinny does not want to escape and run anywhere, just just likes to be active.  She would suit an adventurous family who will take her on great walks, teach her new tricks and give her loads of love.  Trinny is one of a kind and we would be sad to see her go for this reason, but she needs her own family and new start.


Update December 2018 - we are having some issues with Trinny's behaviour, she has become very snappy and anxious.  This is something we need to work on before she can be adopted.  She is very willfull and difficult to manage at times.