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Archer Sponsored


Archer's early life was marked by tragedy. Abandoned on the streets with his mother, he faced the harsh realities of survival. Sadly, a car accident took his mother away, leaving him alone in a world he didn't understand. When Archer first arrived at our shelter, he was one of the most shut-down puppies we had ever seen. He struggled to trust, and the scars of his past experiences ran deep.

Thanks to the dedication of our compassionate team, Archer is gradually learning that humans can be trusted. Day by day, his walls are coming down, and he's discovering that kindness and love exist in this world. However, Archer's journey to recovery and readiness for a furever home is ongoing. He needs to remain at the shelter, where we'll continue his socialisation and boost his confidence, until he's fully prepared for adoption. We're seeking a sponsor for Archer to fund his care during this crucial transitional phase.

This dog is already sponsored