Connies kitchen abroad cookbook


Connies kitchen abroad cookbook - Rustic vegetarian

Maria is a long term volunteer who as well as caring for our dogs cooks us delicious vegetarian food. This collection of recipes has come from a selection of dishes adapted from some family favourites. Created during Marias time volunteering at Street Hearts BG.

Maria says “One day I became so overwhelmed by the amount of dogs they had and the work that had to be done, I wondered to myself how can I help, what can I do that would make a difference? That’s when I thought I would feed the humans, they work so hard and have little time to enjoy a home cooked meal. I love to cook and share a meal with friends, and so with a few ingredients and some imagination lunch was ready”

These recipes are versatile and adaptable to whatever vegetables you have in your fridge. When Maria returns to her native Australia we will be left with these wonderful recipes and memories of our wonderful volunteer.

Maria loves our old dogs so all proceeds will go to help dogs like Handsome Hugo to make their lives more comfortable.

All pages are laminated so that they can be wiped clean after a messy cooking session!

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